DEF REAL - Potdamn, here it is!

01 Hatsjikidee!
02 A cool breeze
03 Representin' '95
04 Ya don't stop
05 From the south
06 Me & the Pizza
07 A blast from our past
08 Relax ya mind & let the fat beats flow
09 Recap
10 Shake the cards
11 Don't try to copy this
12 Swing ya head
13 A close view
14 Straight shit
15 G.M.S. stompin' at the Savoy
16 6.000.000. ways to from a dropout
17 1, 2, 3.
18 Bobbin' ya head
19 Classis material
20 No pain, no gain
21 Natural high
22 Daar gaan we…
23 Potdamn, here it is!
24 It may not be all that (hidden track)

Released by GoGo Records, a division of VIA Records, oktober 1995.
Distributed by Play it again Sam (PIAS).
Produced by Def Real.
Recorded and mixed by Carel Plasman and Def Real at the Red Hot Studio (after it was Innovating Blue).
"6.000.000 ways to form a dropout" recorded and mixed by Def Real at the Godnondeju Studio.

A little history…
90% of the album "Potdamn, here it is!" was originally recorded and mixed in the summer of 1994. Since Def Real songs had proven to have hit-potence, the Record company + Publishing Compacy decided to "clear" (ask for permission to use the fragments) the samples used on the new Def Real album. A proces which took about ¾ of a year. A time well used for finishing the extra 10% (topping) of "Potdamn,…." October 1995 the album at last came to birth. The game plan was to release the album first and choosing an single after the first reactions.

The first DJ to pick up was the legendary Rob Stenders with his sidekick Fred Siebelink. At that time they had radio shows at Kink FM (the alternative radio station). Soon after the release Def Real visited Rob & Fred at Kink FM. Since Kink FM picked up "Me & the Pizza", the record company decided to make this the first single. Soon after that the Studio Brussels (Belgian national Radio) picked up "Me & the Pizza", where it even became a radio hit. After that things speeded up for Def Real. The album tour took them through the club- and festival scene of the Netherlands and Belgium and got them national radio and TV exposure. Etc. etc. etc……..