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What do you get when you put a DJ, a drummer, a saxophone-player, 3 MCís, a producer and a bunch of musical guests in a fully packed 3 by 4 studio?

The new bomb from Def Real!

Seek and you'll find it !!

A swinging and catchy interactive spaghetty with raps and singing. A hotchpotch of different musical ingredients. You name it !

Since early 1991 Def Real makes waves in the music industry. Their surprisingly catchy singles "Song without a name", "Me & the Pizza" and "Daar gaan we" made them regular guests on radio, TV and live stages. Their versatile albums called "Versatile" (fitting title!) and "Potdamn, here it is!" got them very good critics in most music magazines From October 1995 untill the end of 1997 the "Potdamn, here it is!"-tour took the band (DJ, MCís, drummer, Saxophone-player en various guest-musicians) through the club- and especially festival-scene in the Netherlands and Belgium.
The last years Def Real added the finishing touch to their new album "Shabby Road" in their own studio. Smashing songs like "Def Real Pimpshit", the fresh tracks "How the west was won" & "Hillbilly Hop", the bluesy groove of "No, I donít know" and the sultry "Pushiní me" (with female guest-singer) and many other songs make their new album to be a musical trip full of alternation.
In the meantime (since their last tour) Def Real recorded the new material and tried it out on the public. This resulted in an even improved live-show containing the best new and hot old material. All executed by a 7 man band. And they might even bring some extra friends to your town. Def Real stands for certified funky live energy from a true Rap-band !

the Pizzaman - crate digginí & sampling
DJ GMS - vocals & hardware
Tripple A - vocal gymnastics
Khan the Divine - rapís & conceptual bullshit
Loosebooty - haviní fun with the one
Hugger T - abusing reeds on beats
Mr Bass-Ics - embrace the bass

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